Tuesday, 22 March 2011

David and Megan Saville kleeneze testimonial

David and Megan Saville kleeneze testimonial

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I joined Kleeneze after I had given up my own carpentry business, to have the time to stay at home as a part-time Carer. The Kleeneze business was ideal for this as it was flexible enough for me to be able to be there when needed and give me a part-time income to top up the carers allowance and replace the income I lost from the previous business. C’mon the WinningTeam

Megan joined me shortly after and we continued to slowly build our customer base to the point where it gave us a very good part-time income.

We have now started to team build by sponsoring other distributors into a team and by helping these guys achieve what they are looking for we will progress further towards our goals.

The cheques below are a couple of our latest cheques for just working our own catalogues to a good customer base on a part-time basis (about 12-14 hours per week) and helping and supporting the guys in our team.

This business is fantastic and we are very excited about what the future will bring. to see more exciting kleeneze cheques click here