Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Michaela and Mike Williams kleeneze story

to see Michaela and Mike Williams  kleeneze cheque and picture click here

I joined Kleeneze 6 weeks ago, and have just finished my first full period. My first month as a Kleeneze distributor has been fantastic!

I started my Kleeneze business because being a mum of 2, and having one child at school and one a pre-school I wanted to find a way of earning an income around my children.

The more I looked into trying to find employment, the more I realised that I was virtually unemployable.

I wanted a job that I could work at from 9.30am to 2.30pm maximum, 3-5 days a week, probably increasing when my other daughter started school in September. I wanted to have weekends off to spend as family time, and school holidays as I haven’t got cover for those either.

I also couldn’t work evenings, other than from home as my husband works away a lot. Even having a business degree didn’t really help as I was over qualified for some part time positions. The only jobs I could see that might fit with the hours that I needed were in schools, but of course these vacancies were few and far between.

The Kleeneze opportunity fitted all of the criteria that I had for a job like a glove.

So in my first 4 weeks I hit my first fast start bonus and received 50 free catalogues, and have also qualified for my second fast start bonus to receive another 50. I have retailed by myself £2062 in my first 4 weeks and have generated over 100 customers, in addition to the 19 orders I received from family and friends.

I have also spoken to a large number of my family and friends about the Kleeneze opportunity and in my first 2 weeks sponsored 3 distributors into my team. We enjoyed our first team training sizzle at my home and am already enjoying the social side of kleeneze.

Two of my team have already qualified for their first fast start bonuses too, so are off to a fantastic start.

I hit the 18% volume profit margin in my first full period, and my first cheque was over £900!

In terms of being successful in Kleeneze I can see already that attending the events and training sessions available to learn as much as possible and to keep motivation high is crucial.

Also keeping in regular touch with your upline is a must, just to talk about progress, how things work, and again to keep the motivation going. I have also started to read some of the suggested material and listen to CD’s in the car when driving – sooo motivational.

Also I have started my team building in earnest, and have spent some time flyering a local area. From 400 flyers, I generated 4 enquiries and with the help of my upline, I have 3 meetings booked. I have also started my own website, and have started other types of lead generation, and have already had a number of enquiries that I am now following up on my own.

I am looking forward to working to progress my Kleeneze Business, and am aiming high and am hoping to attend the New York Conference in November – Fingers Crossed! There is lots of hard work to do before then so we shall see!

Finally just a quick note to thank my upline John Webb & Kath Price for all of the help that they have given me over the last few weeks, and to thank them in advance and apologise for all of the help I am going to be asking for over the coming months in order to get to Gold and progress up through the Sales Plan!