Thursday, 24 March 2011

Linda and Alan Cannings kleeneze testimonial

Linda and Alan Cannings   kleeneze testimonial

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I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 8 years ago. At the time I had a very good job as a Secretary but after several long spells of illness, I lost my job.

I joined Kleeneze about five years ago, not knowing much about the Company or even had any interest. I actually joined as I had to find some way of regular exercise for the medical condition that I have.

My cheques each month now are regularly between £1100 and £1600 per month, which isn’t bad for something that was just supposed to give me regular exercise.

I have also now taken on a new task of sponsoring people into the business and I hope that my story will give people the encouragement to join this fantastic business. I still only work the business part-time.

I have recently recruited 12 local distributors and all are doing fantastically well. My aim is to grow the business and help my team do well in theirs.

I have bought a Smart Car as I am very serious about this business. I am hoping this will bring me more customers and of course more distributors.

I qualified for the Kleeneze conference in Hong Kong last November. This was an all expenses paid trip, Five Star all the way. I can teach you what I have learned and you could qualify for New York in November this year. It is achievable by any distributor.

I hope our story will inspire people to join this business and achieve the success that I have had.

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