Sunday, 14 November 2010

Kym and Ricky Mackay kleeneze story

Kym and Ricky Mackay

to see there kleeneze cheque click here

We joined Kleeneze in October 2010 after finding an ad on the Internet looking to earn some extra money to enable us to move out of the small house we live in now and move to a bigger place with more room for the kids.

I am a full-time Mum of four, aged 10 to 14months so I am working the catalogues around the school runs etc. Ricky works part-time so is only able to help out in the evenings. In our first 3 weeks we achieved the Fast Start Bonus 1 and the 10% bonus level with a cheque of £276.92

We now have a better understanding of what Kleeneze can give us and we are now looking to increase the retail and have started to look at the sponsoring side of the business to enable us to achieve bigger things. (a move to our dream home and Ricky out of the job he hates).

This business is a lot more than we initially thought and are very excited about what the future will bring us.