Wednesday, 3 November 2010

jamie ross kleeneze story

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At the beginning of this year my career was in limbo. Originally I had wanted to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor but these plans did not work out and my only source of income was through Tennis coaching which I did on a part time basis.

I was therefore looking for an additional occupation which could be fulfilled around my coaching commitments and in March decided to join Kleeneze upon recommendation from a friend who did Kleeneze outside his main job.

The flexibility in being able to operate your business around other commitments was very appealing and I was given excellent training and support from my upline, Susan.

Building a customer base was hard work at first in trying to establish yourself as a new distributor but if you persevere you will certainly reap the rewards, within 4 months I had obtained a customer base of around 300 in and around my home.

This has since expanded to around 450 and I am achieving consistent retail sales each period.

Anyone can achieve similar results by following the same path, the key is to persist with the blanket dropping stage as once you have your customer base life certainly becomes much easier, you are guaranteed to receive orders and you develop a better relationship with your customers.

The certificate of income below is my income for the last 4 weeks.

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