Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Anna Ellis kleeneze story

Anna Ellis

I've had an interesting life so far and an interesting career path. I've worked part-time, full-time, contracted and temped. Some of my temping jobs have been basic, some have been weird - ask me about bulling semi-conductors sometime! The best part-time job I ever had was being a postie; I have immense respect for the staff of Royal Mail because of that. I've been a design engineer, a technical author and I'm now a database specialist.

The one consistent factor amongst all of these jobs is that I would rather be employed than unemployed. I also discovered I prefered working to my own self-imposed boundaries, rather than those imposed by others. In common with many, I'm not a natural cog in the corporate machine.

Seven years ago, my ex walked away from me, the mortgage and 4 children. I have a large mortgage and bills to pay every month and my income does not stretch towards providing me with an adequate pension. I currently have a 58 mile round trip every day to and from work and spend 90 minutes driving every workday.

I have missed out on all of my children's sports days since 2003, most of their evening concerts and a fair few daytime "mentoring sessions", due to my not being able to get a well-paid job close to home.

My children have had very few holidays since 2003; for the last 2 years the eldest two have made their own holiday arrangements. I might get one or two more holidays with the two younger ones.

There's no point in wishing things were different; I can't change what has already happened but I can change what my future will be and I intend to make a better life for myself, my gorgeous fiancé and my children.

I knew that to have a better life, I needed extra income. I looked at starting my own database business and ran into a brick wall - there were too many negatives involved.

I didn't have seed capital, I couldn't support my outgoings without a personal reserve of £60,000 if I was to resign and work on my own business full-time and I had no-one to drum up work for me if I tried to run a business part-time alongside the existing day job.

I needed another option. I'd previously been involved with a network marketing company in the nutritional supplements sector and I understood the concept of building a residual income. I started looking around for a company that was a strong brand, that had marketable products, an established customer base and good growth potential. I chose Kleeneze.

In my first 3 weeks, I achieved my first bonus and received an extra 50 catalogues. I then had to take some time away from the business due to holidays and family crises, but in period 11 I hit my 10% bonus:

Running my Kleeneze business is remarkably simple; it just requires a little self-discipline at times. I know there are cars and holidays as major incentives, but for me, a regular incentive is to improve on last month's Kleeneze bonus cheque.

This month, I did even better and was delighted to hit my 10% level in the third week:

This money is proof that I can build a better future for myself and my family - this income alone is allowing me to reach my immediate goals such as a new cooker, a decent family holiday and a better car.

I'm now actively looking to help others achieve their dreams, just as I am slowly and surely achieving mine.

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