Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kim and Karen Corfield kleeneze testimonial

In October 2010 Kim and I were recovering from a period in our lives which had left us in financially dire straits. Kim had taken a year out from work to undergo treatment for throat cancer then I became ill and had to undergo major surgery which meant my income was lost for another three months. We had no insurance and neither of us received sick pay. We needed to earn some extra money fast to meet loan and credit card payments.

On top of that I was very unhappy in my job as a nurse in a local nursing home. For years I had longed to become self employed but didn‘t have the cash or ideas to start out. Kim had heard of Kleeneze and was particularly drawn to the idea of being able to make extra money without the need for face to face hard selling.

We found our sponsor Richard through an internet advertisement and began with much relief, hope for our future, but quite a few reservations as to how far Kleeneze could actually take us.

Our first period could not have been more chaotic or challenging if we had planned it. We adopted a new puppy, the flat flooded, I got a serious chest infection and to put the icing on the cake, on the day we collected our first orders I was made redundant from my job.

But that’s helped us see the potential in Kleeneze because working alone, as I was too ill to help much, with only 200 catalogues, in only 3 weeks and with all the distractions and chaos, Kim managed to earn us our first cheques, below, for £312.62.

We had made almost double our initial investment back! What would we be able to achieve with both of us working to our full capabilities in a focused and organised way?

We have been impressed from the start at the openness of the company and everyone’s earnings are readily available for all to see. We now understand that we too can set our own goals and that they are fully attainable with the right attitude and willingness to put in some hard work.

We are already meeting likeminded people at our local meeting who have ‘made it’ and are more than happy to encourage and support us in our efforts to do the same.

It’s early days but we believe in this business opportunity and we believe
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