Tuesday, 22 December 2009

tracey payne and harvey kent kleeneze story

tracey payne and harvey kent kleeneze story, here is a picture of there cheques
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Tracey Payne and Harvey Kent

I joined Kleeneze as a way of topping up my maternity pay. I made £273 in my first 4 weeks, working flexible hours around my 2 children.

Harvey was working as a Senior Supervisor for DHL and joined Kleeneze to help pay some extra bills. Harvey has twin girls and made £233 in his first 4 weeks.

We met through Kleeneze and started running our business together in June 09.

Kleeneze has given us the time freedom to enjoy our 4 children, and to enable us both to be there for all of their special occasions, whilst still allowing us to secure an amazing income.

If we can earn £8,000 in just 12 weeks…just imagine what the future holds… We know that with the backing and support that Kleeneze provides, and with our determination and work ethic, we will have the lifestyle of our dreams.

We are so excited about our future with Kleeneze.

We can help you to secure yours for yourself too.