Tuesday, 22 December 2009

steve and dorothy hanlon kleeneze story

steve and dorothy hanlon kleeneze story, to see there picture and cheque rom kleeneze
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We joined Kleeneze not long after we were married, Dorothy is a full time speech therapist and Stephen was working as a sports coach.

Stephens work was inconsistent and at times wages were late in coming so he wanted to do something extra. Stephen’s dad used to do Kleeneze in the past so we asked if it was a good idea.

So we joined about 3 ½ years ago and built it part time stating with 0 customers and building a customer base of 1,500 customers. We have been given loads of support, help and training from experienced distributors and can honestly say we are thoroughly enjoying Kleeneze.

Last year Stephen “sacked the boss” and went full time since then we have built a small team and achieved Gold distributor qualifying us for an all expenses paid trip to a 5 star resort in Cyprus. Our other goals include growing the business so Dorothy doesn’t need to work anymore and seeing our team achieving their goals.

Our 4 week income this year has averaged £1,400 per period with our best 4 weeks earned £1,940. Not bad for someone working for themselves, with no boss, full flexibility of working hours and a business that each year keeps growing.