Monday, 7 December 2009

adam fawcett kleeneze story

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I came into Kleeneze after working as an outdoor instructor for 8-9 years.

From a young age I was always into sports and got myself into Kayaking through a club. My love of the sport led me to become a Kayaking instructor from which I got a lot of reward teaching others.

From there I kept branching out and before I knew it I was teaching a lot of other outdoor activities such as rock climbing, archery, sailing, raft building etc.

I loved the sport but unfortunately the pay wasn’t fantastic, and I was living in digs on site with paper thin walls every where I went.

In the year of 2008, after moving back to my home area of the North East, I was introduced to Kleeneze by my brother. When I first started I couldn’t afford to get a car on the road but that wasn’t a problem as I lived in a village with nearly 2000 houses so there was no need for transport.

I started with 200 catalogues and started to follow the system already in place by just constantly turning them around on the same day and putting them straight back out. I made sure the catalogues were constantly working for me.

Since then I have broadened my retail area now covering 6 areas which are all close together and I have been able to buy a car!

I have gone from earning £200 in my first period to £845 in period 12 of 2009.

Within this time I have slowly been building a team teaching them what I have learnt to help them achieve what they want from this fantastic opportunity