Monday, 7 December 2009

dean and rachel kleeneze story

dean and rachel kleeneze story, here is there picture click HERE

Dean and Rachel Rothwell

Before joining the company I had been working as an electrician installing fire alarms in the South East of England.The stress of commuting in and out of London on packed tube trains and buses, working 9 hours a day, only to come home, eat, have a couple of hours TV, and then getting up and doing it all over again the next day was really taking its toll.

I worked this business purely part time until I was made redundant from my job. I then decided to just concentrate on the business full time. My Wife Rachel is now involved in this opportunity as well and we are starting to develop a team that is growing all the time.

We regularly earn in excess of £1700 every four weeks and our best cheque for a four week period is £2673.08 .We not only earn fantastic incomes, and have made many new friends, we now have the freedom that comes with not having to go to work for a boss every day, just to make someone else rich.

This kleeneze opportunity has changed our lives beyond belief.