Monday, 7 December 2009

dianne and stephen park kleeneze story

dianne and stephen park kleeneze story, here is there picture and kleeneze cheque
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Like many people we were being hit hard by the rising cost of living and had a number of debts, we started looking for a way of making a little extra income along side our full time jobs.

A normal part time job wasn’t really an option as Stephen works shifts and by the time I travel to and from my 9-5 I am out the house from 7.00 am until 6.30 pm.

We did try another network marketing company but very quickly found it was costing us far more than we were earning and putting us further in debt.

In late October/early November 2008 Dianne came across a Kleeneze catalogue on someone’s doorstep which had a recruitment flyer on display and wrote the number down.

We had been with Kleeneze about 10 years before so knew the retail potential. Finally in January 2009 (don’t really know what took so long) Dianne telephoned the number she had seen and spoke to our upline Marie Young. She dropped off the information pack the following day.

Having looked at the information we signed up on January 21st (one day before the end of period 1) with a view to earning £100 – £200 per month to help with the bills and expenses and at the time were just interested in the retail side of the business – that changed very quickly!!

In our first month in the business we hit all the available retail incentive targets and received our free ½ box catalogues, our free full box of catalogues and hit our 10% retailing over £1,200 and earned £328.29