Friday, 28 May 2010

Roy and Marjorie Lacy's kleeneze story

They say getting old is no fun!
here is Roy and Marjorie Lacy's kleeneze story for picture of kleeneze cheques
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Well we are in our early 70's and having the time of our lives!!

At retirement age we had a millstone of a conventional business round our necks, plus loads of debt including a second mortgage.

The future looked bleak with only our state pension to live on.

Thanks to the added income we earned from Kleeneze during our late sixties we are now debt free, the cheque you see below is “lifestyle income” Our pensions cover all our day to day necessity's.

We take lots of holidays.

Thanks to the internet we can run our Kleeneze business from anywhere! So this winter we spent a month on the Med.

OK, this is an old folks story, but ask yourself honestly “do you” have a spare £600 each month to spend, after “you” have covered all your monthly bills and loan payments?

We are not looking to build a massive personal business from Kleeneze. It would have been a very different story had some one introduced us to the Kleeneze Opportunity in our 50's or even younger.

On turning 70 as a health decision, we passed all of our catalogue retail customers on, to one of our team members.

(our retail orders had been as high as £2,800 per month) keeping back just 50 customers, that way we are always up to date and able to help and advise new members of our team on the many tips and offers Kleeneze has for new distributors.

Now with the time and energy, we are able to focus on the side of Kleeneze, we love the best.

Sponsoring and helping new people into the business.

Guiding them in their formative months. Educating on how this fantastic opportunity can help them change their own income and lifestyle. In other words be their “Team Coach” always beavering away in the background with the right information to help and encourage.

Is it working? It must be, most of our team are earning more money from Kleeneze then we are.

We like it that way, as every time their income rises, so does ours.
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