Monday, 10 May 2010

don murphy kleeneze story

Don Murphy

My name is Don Murphy and I have worked in the IT industry which is a 9 to 5 job, and then as a taxi driver a 9 to 9 job and when you are on the graveyard shift with your customer offering alternative forms of payment or ask you to drive them to areas which well, Where that application for the drugs squad,

I have also farmed, a family tradition a 7 x 24 x 365 occupation, I still get calls when cows are calving or sheep lambing. In addition I am a qualified accountant.

As a self employed person Jan 1st 2010 seen me with no IT contract, the taxi business to dangerous, no vacancies in the drugs squad , and the normal employment market depressed.

As I was previously self employed and having paid off my mortgage and other loans off, I was not entitled to any benefits. No Income coming in, no money for bread and butter, for heat, electricity, basically one step above cashing in my assets, home, vehicle, pension and savings which were nearly all gone.

So what to do, I needed an income and I needed it fast, so what to do I evaluated all potential opportunities to initial investment to potential returns.

I took me six weeks I eventually chose to become a Kleeneze distributor.

Having no customer base and living in a rural area I set to work, I started with two hundred catalogues. I did the small villages and within the outlying areas I am up on the bike dropping catalogues.

On one two kilometer cycle I dropped 18 catalogues and received 395 euro worth of orders from eight orders.

8 weeks after starting I have 250 customers, received 150 free catalogues on the fast start program, qualified for Holiday Plus Hotel accommodation, Loss nearly two stone and earned 1658 euro,

At present I am looking forward to growing my business by learning how to build a team.

I can start to control my own destiny have a good income and enjoy life.

Do you have that control in your life? I will soon!

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