Saturday, 8 May 2010

pension time bomb 9 months left , feb 2011

65 years ago today 8 may ,all the men returned from war and start making babies in all countires around the
world, this cause the baby boomers effect. 9 month from day the first for  babys retire
look at the graph in daily telegragh today click HERE
in fact print the daily telegraph info out to show people
from 9 month time the amount of people hitting 65 is just going straight up, the goverment has not the money
to look after, people who were putting £50 a month away into a pension , have found it is worth less
and millions have not put anything away, tought the govermant would look after then.
the good news is that people are living longer, but that just adds to the goverment problem
so millions will be looking for more income. some like brenda vowles in her 70,s is already on the right
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