Saturday, 1 May 2010

roy and anne kleeneze story

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In January 2010 my contract working for the local Council in Elgin was terminated. At about the same time my wife, Anne’s part-time teaching contract also came to an end.

Approaching our mid-50s we were then faced with a sudden and appreciable drop in income coming in to the household with three teenage girls to look after.

Trawling through endless employment sites, as one does, I came across an advert, which immediately caught my eye.

It offered the invitation to join the Sky High Team and take on an exciting new challenge. Whatsmore there was the opportunity to work flexibly from home and, not least, make some serious money.

It sounded almost too good to be true, although it also rightly pointed out that considerable hard work would be involved.

Always up for a challenge and desperate to break free from the old 9-5 routine, I decided to make contact with the Sky High Team. Trevor and Karen, team leaders, were extremely positive and encouraging, not to say patient in coping with my endless questions and natural cynicism.

By the end of our first conversation I was resolved to give this thing a go, if only to prove it couldn’t possibly work!

Anyway, that was ten weeks ago. Today we have just come to the end of our second four-week period and have again hit the 13% bonus level for retailing over £1500.

What an experience and what a learning curve!

And what of my initial cynicism? It’s not gone completely, but it has sure taken a beating! Having developed a workable, and thusfar successful, plan of action on the retail side of things, we are now seriously turning our attention to sponsorship, generating leads and building a team.

We are not complacent - we appreciate this aspect of the business will take time - but if we follow the proven formula and plan and act consistently and persistently we are sure we will achieve substantial inroads to meeting our goals.

For all the sceptics out there, who say it’ll never work, just get out there and give it a go! You will be pleasantly surprised.

kleeneze opportunity is open to anybody in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
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