Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tracy Sheehan kleeneze story

Tracy Sheehan kleeneze story , to see the kleeneze cheque 

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We joined Kleeneze a few years ago and although Dave was not quite as keen as I was in the early days our income very soon exceeded the required £600 per month that we needed to pay the bills, and we’ve had a pay rise nearly every month since we started.

Dave has now cut his 70hr per week job in half and is looking forward to sacking the boss altogether, so he can be there to see our two wonderful girls, who are just 6 and 8, grow up and be a big part of their lives and not just the part time daddy that most kids have.

Our income now is around £3000 per month, but on top of this we have also been rewarded with 4 all expenses paid 5 star holidays in some of the worlds’ best hotels and resorts.

We are taking the Kids to Disney and Lapland before they get too old to enjoy it!

At a time when most people are spending on their credit card and struggling to pay the mortgage, we have paid off our £16,000 visa bill and are looking to move into a new bigger house.

It is so simple just put a few catalogues out and show others how to do the same. What a fantastic way to earn a living!!

kleeneze operates in uk, ireland (eire ) and new markets netherlands and germany