Friday, 26 August 2016

kleeneze top psg period 9 week 4 2016

J Synnott (X1) (D1) (IRE) 16,436.90
L Taaffe (X2) (D2) (IRE) 14,061.29
L Conlan (X2) (IRE) 13,453.08
T PAYNE (X2) (UK) 13,033.46
N Cawood (X2) (UK) 12,415.86
N MCDONALD (D2) (IRE) 12,189.22
M HEWITT (X2) (UK) 12,052.42
C SMITH (X2) (UK) 11,825.54
D Miller (X2) (UK) 11,678.18
E LYNCH (X2) (IRE) 11,570.36
D Rooney Benhenida (D1) (IRE) 11,433.72
K Nash (X2) (D2) (IRE) 11,166.98
S Masling (X2) (UK) 10,485.47
A Ford (X1) (D1) (IRE) 10,445.25
G Freidenfelde (X2) (UK) 9,904.06
B Wallace (IRE) 9,862.08
S HANLON (X1) (UK) 9,763.74
M Somerville (X2) (UK) 9,679.99
J COTTON (X1) (UK) 9,325.95
L Trowell (X2) (UK) 8,926.33
M STRYZYK (UK) 8,759.46
L PLATTS (X2) (UK) 8,682.99
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (UK) 8,394.88
S RUSHTON (X2) (UK) 8,228.51
S Thomas (X2) (UK) 7,964.95
E Kyffin (X2) (UK) 7,886.71
G WATSON (X2) (UK) 7,802.86
F MASON (X2) (UK) 7,651.08
M Dolman (X2) (UK) 7,598.15

mega welldone everybody on the list above
we are about to enter the massive christmas season
who will be top this kleeneze period