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How do your start a conversation about Kleeneze on facebook

How do your start a conversation about Kleeneze on facebook
So you want to know how to start a conversation on Facebook to help build your business. If you want to connect with people using social networks and don’t want to be pushy salesperson, we have some great information tips for helping you with Kleeneze for you.
Social media is just that, it’s a social network where people want to connect, network and share information. They don’t want to be sold to or pitched at by strangers. Regardless of which social network you are using; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, these social rules always apply.
So how do you leverage the internet and social media to help grow your business? By starting conversations first.
Unfortunately most people pitch their product or service on social media immediately, before even introducing themselves or saying hello. Are you guilty of these tactics? Don’t worry, you are not alone. However this approach rarely works.

How to Start a Conversation on Facebook
The F.O.R.M guide is a great place to start. No, we are not off to the races, we are simply creating easy conversations and creating common ground , before we talk about Kleeneze opportunity
“Finding common ground is the easiest way to build rapport, and building rapport is the quickest way to build trust. When people know, like and trust you, they are much more open to taking a serious look at your business.”
Try and make the conversation less about you and all about your new friend. Ask open-ended questions like ‘what’s happening’, ‘what are you up to’, ‘what do you do for work’, ‘what business are you in?’ that require an answer, not a yes or no reply.
Follow this F.O.R.MULA to get started.
• F – Family, Friends
• O – Occupation, past present, future
• R – Recreation, sports hobbies?
• M – Meaning. what gives your life meaning?
For example:
When asking people what they do for work, they either love their job or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. If thy hate it you now have an opportunity to offer a solution.
If you are targeting health and wellness k lite 10, and you find your conversationalist is tired and exhausted, you have an opportunity.
If your conversationalist tells you they are getting married soon and you will have another
Opportunity to talking about earning more money
If you find problems whilst asking questions, then you have an opportunity to offer a solution. NOT BEFORE.
I hope you found my blog post ‘How to Start a Conversation on Facebook and other social media platforms’ insightful and you enjoyed my form guide. If so please like, comment or share.
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