Friday, 19 August 2016

kleeneze top psg period 9 week 3 2016

J Synnott (X1) (D1) (IRE) 12,136.29
L Conlan (X2) (IRE) 10,541.01
N Cawood (X2) (UK) 10,322.58
L Taaffe (X2) (D2) (IRE) 9,851.54
T PAYNE (X2) (UK) 9,106.25
M HEWITT (X2) (UK) 8,752.70
C SMITH (X2) (UK) 8,546.68
E LYNCH (X2) (IRE) 8,264.49
N MCDONALD (D2) (IRE) 7,948.31
A Ford (X1) (D1) (IRE) 7,795.20
D Rooney Benhenida (D1) (IRE) 7,758.33
K Nash (X2) (D2) (IRE) 7,565.23
D Miller (X2) (UK) 7,564.69
S Masling (X2) (UK) 7,208.63
B Wallace (IRE) 7,083.42
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (UK) 7,023.94
M Somerville (X2) (UK) 6,617.31
M STRYZYK (UK) 6,569.73
J COTTON (X1) (UK) 6,390.33
G Freidenfelde (X2) (UK) 6,324.28
F MASON (X2) (UK) 6,278.12
G WATSON (X2) (UK) 6,174.88
L Trowell (X2) (UK) 6,101.69
S RUSHTON (X2) (UK) 6,077.63
L PLATTS (X2) (UK) 5,776.21
E Kyffin (X2) (UK) 5,603.85
K Boardman (X1) (UK) 5,592.67
S Thomas (X2) (UK) 5,438.06
J TOPPLE (X2) (UK) 5,072.00
P TONKIN (X1) (UK) 4,973.95
S HANLON (X1) (UK) 4,966.80
M Dolman (X2) (UK) 4,951.34
S Llewellyn (X1) (UK) 4,909.42
L Hailstone (X2) (UK) 4,790.46

last week of period, get to watch your team bonus levels
so they don,t miss a level by a few points
who is going to be top this kleeneze period

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