Saturday, 4 June 2011

peter allan kleeneze story

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I started my Kleeneze business in October 2009 and I have been delighted with the results. The very first order that I placed was for £438 worth of customer orders and this was within just two weeks of getting started! In my first month of business I had an income of £244.10.

In my third month my income was £463.11. By October 2010, my income was £725.84 still working on a part-time basis.

Before Kleeneze, I was a part-time landscape gardener and also worked in a pub pot-washing.

I really wanted to get out of it and earn some extra money, but it’s tough out there to find work right now.

Kleeneze was a brilliant opportunity to get involved with, because you can make as much as you want – unlike a normal job.

When I started, I fitted Kleeneze around my other jobs and, since then, I’ve slowly taken my hours down so Kleeneze is now my main source of income. The great thing is, I’m getting that full-time income with Kleeneze, but I’m not doing full-time hours. I can do as much or as little as I want with it.

In February of this year, I achieved Gold Distributor status and, as I held this position for three Periods, I have qualified for a five-star trip to New York with Kleeneze.

Since going Gold, it’s made a big difference to my income. My average income over the last four months has been over £1,500 and the last cheque that I had was £2,012.21. You can achieve what you want to achieve from the business.

The business keeps getting better and better. I have found the help and support to be excellent and that same help and support is available for anyone that joins Kleeneze. That’s what makes this business unique – everyone’s in it together and everyone wants you to succeed.

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