Thursday, 30 June 2011

mike harle from kleeneze in daily mirror 30th june 2011

Top-up your pension with a part time job

by Liz Thomas, Daily Mirror 30/06/2011

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Mike Harle (pic: Daniel Gilfeather)

MILLIONS of struggling pensioners are being forced back to work just to survive and pay their bills.

After a few weeks on his state pension, Mike Harle realised he simply could not make ends meet.

“I was claiming £120 but I kept falling short,” says Mike, 71, from Edinburgh. “After a lifetime of work, I was sick of being stuck in the house.

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“I found myself watching too much television, and though I did not realise it at the time, I was feeling very low.”

But by switching from retirement to ‘partirement’ – working for home-shopping giant Kleeneze ( – he has turned things around.

He delivers catalogues door-to-door and takes orders on its vast range of household and beauty products – and loves the job.

Mike says: “I’m just building things up, but I’m already earning around £65 every week, which bridges the gap.

“Not only is it sorting me out financially, but I’m busy again, meeting people, and I’ve even lost weight.”

His wife Jane, 65, a part-time carer, cannot believe the transformation.

“She sees how much good it has done me and it has taken the pressure off both of us,” Mike says.

Life changed for him when he retired four years ago, aged 67, after the company he worked for as an electrical engineer went into liquidation.

“I lived off my savings until the beginning of this year and then started to claim my pension. It was a shock.”

He looked at other ways to make money but it was not until he spotted a Kleeneze advert that he thought he may have found the answer.

“I’d had a flier through my door three weeks earlier and I already shopped with them so knew the products.

“I thought I might as well get in touch and had nothing to lose. It all seemed very straightforward to me and I invested the maximum £156 in return for 200 catalogues.

With the guidance of a mentor, Mike got the catalogues out and waited a few days before collecting orders.

Within his first three weeks he made more than £800 in sales, which gave him £280 commission and a bonus.

Mike says: “I love keeping tabs on the catalogues and Jane helps out when she can. We even have our own website –

He now has the wind in his sails and is determined to do more than simply add to his pension.

“There’s a conference for top distributors in New York that I want to join. The sky is the limit.”


The Direct Selling Association ( estimates that total direct sales have increased by 18% during the recent economic downturn. Take a look at the DSA’s extensive membership for established companies.

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