Thursday, 15 July 2010

Jim and Jen Corby kleeneze story

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We joined in Jan 2010 and attended Kleeneze showcase at NIA 9/1/10, we were instilled with much enthusiasm on the day that we changed our planned wedding dated to attend the next Kleeneze showcase on 4 Sept.

Our reason for joining was for something to occupy our time, we were both retired over 18 months, we each walked out of our respective jobs, the main reasons being the expectations from bosses and such long long hours.

Jim was in logistics and I was manager in gp surgery with 20 yrs experience which I really enjoyed.

We first put our cats out on Sun 10 Jan and after two drops with the results of sales it altered our reasons for joining.

It made us take think and make a plan with goals to achieve. We also investigated testimonials via websites and subsequently met the people (so they are real) and realized the potential of building a team.

We attend regularly meetings: opportunity meetings in Bradford and attending one in Rotherham as well we one of our team along with Rob Forester's monthly seminars in Sheffield.

We have booked the next seminar on 18 July and this we are rushing to after having our wedding bans are read in church and also in the same week booked Kleeneze live in Bradford on 25 July.

In the beginning we were sceptical about the benefit of attending the meetings but after 2 or 3 learnt ourselves the importance and information which has helped us.

Our upline/sponsor words and encouragement to attend the meetings we listened to, but experiencing the meetings and learning proved him correct. We've meet many different people, exchanged experiences and learnt so much that we are determine to continue to attend all meetings.

We've had unlimited support for the person who introduced us (our sponsor) Neil and Karen Young, who are always at the end of the phone and often we met face to face, re capping our goals and aims and desires. The whole network of people are very supportive.

The system is simple catalogues out twice a week, order once a week. Money is made from retail and also from team building..

We have now reached the Gold level and we keep charging.

AND an added benefit is we are healthily, we are getting fresh air, we are meeting people and we each have lost over a stone. Our bones are thanking us.