Thursday, 8 July 2010

Geoff and Maggie Shepherd kleeneze story

Geoff and Maggie Shepherd kleeneze story, here isthere picture click here

We joined Kleeneze in Sept. 2006, having been sponsored by Steve and Laine, our son & daughter-in-law. We joined on leaving the pub we had all been running for nearly 10 years, as the recession among other things had turned our profitable business into a loss maker, and debts were accumulating rapidly.

Initially we wanted to make a small income to supplement Geoff’s earnings as a mini bus driver, which he had taken on after leaving the pub, and later to supplement our pensions.

Our first cheque was £212.24 so we knew we had taken the right decision.

We followed our team system sponsoring team members and continuing to retail and our cheques steadily increased to over £1,000 over the Christmas period.

Following the announcement of Hong Kong as the conference destination we decided this was going to be our major goal. The team contribution would be unlikely to enable us to achieve this so we made the decision to get to gold by retailing.

We were encouraged by our upline who gave us their full support and helped us to plan and execute our campaign.

After concentrated effort we actually achieved gold 2 days before the end of the period.

Although it was tiring the result was well worth it, with a cheque for £3,305! We also received personal congratulations from Michael Khatkar from Head office and 10 new income kits.

We are now concentrating on consolidating our status by encouraging more team members and helping them achieve their goals.
other kleeneze stories which are update regular, this one was dated 8th july 2010
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