Monday, 4 January 2010

wayne francis kleeneze story

wayne francis kleeneze story, here is story and cheque click HERE

Wayne Francis

This is Wayne Francis, down-line from Dean and Rachel Rothwell and Andy Stephenson and Claire Branch, and I just wanted to send you my story on going Gold again in period 12 2009.

I've been working the business at a steady pace all year trying to get my team up to a solid Gold group but as you know if your not up to 50 leads a week,it can be a little bit harder to acheive gold if you are not talking to people at that level.

I've signed up a number of team members this year but at the same time a number of members left the business so I wasn't on target for Gold before the end of the year.

I decided in period 11 to give myself a decent cheque for Christmas, and at the same time try to achieve Gold status. I realised that the way I could acheive this would be with retail.

Anyone in the business prepared to put in some hard work can achieve this, just by condensing all their customers into four weeks instead of a six week round.

In period 12 I managed to hit 7.537.05 pts meaning I made Gold and earned £2.764.22p for Xmas as well by putting out my books twice a week for four weeks.

It just goes to show, with Kleeneze you can get what you want if you are prepared to put in the work.