Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gareth Harper and Jackie Franklyn kleeneze story

here is Gareth Harper and Jackie Franklyn kleeneze story, for there picture and kleeneze cheque
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Here's my P12 cheque of a few pounds short of £700.

This is a part time income as I work office hours 5 days a week. Its also acheived by just me (Gareth) working the biz as although I do thankfully have the full support of my partner Jackie, she doesn't physically do the business, I gave up trying to get her more involved and now focus my efforts on doing it myself, hopefully she will get on board as we progress.

Been in the business 2 years now and this xmas period has been amazing. I hit a new high with £720 in p10 just by doing more than ever, more blankets, showing the candles, etc.

Now I've seen first hand how good this business is and going to give the team building side (as well as retail) real consistent effort and focus all the way through 2010 and I know that I will see an absolutely monster cheque by this time next year.