Tuesday, 12 January 2010

kleeneze residual income

WHAT IS ‘RESIDUAL INCOME’? and is it available to everyone?

Well, let me start by asking you a question- Have you ever written that musical hit that the world couldn’t resist? Because if you have, you’ll know exactly what residual income is, as due to your musical talents, you will have been receiving a music royalty check in the post every time someone use’s your song, anytime from the day you released it!

I am going to assume that the answer to my above question is ‘NO’, but do not fear, everyone now has the chance of earning themselves a residual income by starting their own Home based, MLM, Network Marketing opportunity business. This is why this industry is growing at such a rapid rate, as more and more people are finding out that they too, can build themselves a residual income, and, from the comfort of their own home.

THESE HOME OPPORTUNITIES OFFER YOU THE CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING JUST ONCE AND GET PAID FOR IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, the same way that ‘Song writers’, ‘Famous Novelists’ and very rich high grade stock and bond holders do!

Like the majority of peoples work, a normal day to day, hourly/weekly paid job, if you stop working, you stop getting paid. Residual income business’s are different, you keep getting paid , even if you stop working.

Residual Income sounds nice, doesn’t it, and in the past most people had very little chance of developing one, as the majority of people cant sing or write music, don’t have publishing contacts and don’t have a few million pounds sat in the bank, ready to invest!

Its now much easier, as there is another way of developing yourself a great amount of residual income, and thousands of people are already doing it and have developed lifelong residual incomes through the power of mlm with a home business opportunity.

Network Marketing, mlm has changed and is now entering the big-money Growth Stage of its lifecycle, which means there has never been a better time to get involved in a Network Marketing business and exploit the chance of a lifetime and secure your financial future.

I also look at my Network Marketing business as a great Pension for the future, as like most people I don’t pile hundreds of pounds a year into a pension, as I don’t have too. My Network Marketing business will keep paying my residual income into my bank every month, even after I finish working! I don’t want to join the 90% of pensioners living in poverty on a government pension. I’d like to enjoy my retirement comfortably and have the money to enjoy life, and Network Marketing gives you the chance to do just that.

I’m no-where near retirement age yet! But its definitely worth thinking about for the future.

In the UK, Network Marketing is regulated by THE DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION. The DSA’s code of practice was endorsed by the Director of Fair Trading 1987 and is administered by an independent Code Administrator. The DSA aims to ‘Protect’ serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent direct sellers marketing their products and assure the highest level of business ethics and service to customers. Network Marketing, and mlm is NOT the same as pyramid selling. It is firmly established in many countries as a respected means of achieving an excellent income by starting your very own home opportunity.

So Network Marketing is a very established and viable business to get into and can make ordinary people, with no previous experience, (as training is given by all good network marketing companies), a huge amount of residual income.

I hope this piece of information has given you a better understanding of WHAT RESIDUAL INCOME IS, I would recommend it to anyone, looking to improve their current financial situation and invest in their future.

If you have not already read my blog on ‘What is Network Marketing? With some helpful advice and tips, then feel free to have a quick read.

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