Tuesday, 28 July 2009

kleeneze Linda Cannings story

kleeneze Linda Cannings story
I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 5 years ago. At the time I had a very good job as a Secretary but after several long spells of illness, I lost my job.I joined Kleeneze about four years ago, not knowing much about the Company or even had any interest. I actually joined as I had to find some way of regular exercise for the medical condition that I have.I had a major operation on my wrist in 2006 and was in plaster for six weeks. With the help of my family, I still retailed £800 that period. In March of last year I had a second operation on my wrist and could not drive for two weeks. I used to set off with my trolley and my arm in a sling and still managed to retail £1800 in that period! I have gradually built a database of almost 1000 customers and it has been worth taking the time to build the business at my own pace.My cheques each month are regularly between £900 and £1100 per month, which isn’t bad for something that was just supposed to give me regular exercise. My goals have now been set and I aim to retail £1,000 per week and build a team.I have also now taken on a new task of sponsoring people into the business and I hope that my story will give people the encouragement to join this fantastic business.I have recently recruited 7 local distributors and are all doing fantastically well. My aim is to grow my business more and help my team do well in theirs.Alan & I have recently bought a Smart Car and had the ‘Kleeneze’ logo put on it together with my eze-reach number and website address. We are hoping this will bring us more customers and of course more distributors.I hope my story will inspire people to join this business and achieve
kleeneze is looking for new agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany,
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