Friday, 31 July 2009

kleeneze georgie marshall story

GEORGIE MARSHALL & WILL GOODGER GOLD DISTRIBUTORS P2 2009I joined Kleeneze in January 2008 at the age of 18. I am a student and work Kleeneze on a part time basis whilst studying… My partner Will joined my business shortly after and helps with the business he is soon to go into the army and as this business is flexible it will work very well indeed around his leave. I knew the business worked because my mum Sue Marshall and her partner Bob Dalton have been doing Kleeneze for over 10 years now… and as a family we have all benefited from the high income they earn… Initially I wasn’t over keen to start Kleeneze when mum suggested that I joined so I could earn some extra money… I knew that I did eventually want a business of my own which is why I have been doing business studies but somehow putting out catalogues didn’t sound exciting enough so I said that I would see how it goes.. Mum and Bob have helped with my teambuilding and one of my team members also came into our business from the advert in my catalogue and he is also building a team of distributors. Now that I realise that there is so much more to this business and that the income potential is phenomenal I have decided that when I leave college in June 2009 I am going to concentrate on building our Kleeneze Business. Our Kleeneze income has also enabled me to buy brand new VW Polo.Having just reached the gold distributor level in P2 2009 and our 4wkly cheque was £1,516.00 I am looking forward to building this business to a higher level. We have a brilliant team and many of them are also team building so it is very exciting now
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