Friday, 29 July 2016

kleeneze top psg period 8 week 4 2016

T PAYNE (X2) (UK) 19,783.19
L Conlan (X2) (IRE) 18,168.99
J Synnott (X1) (D1) (IRE) 13,621.38
C SMITH (X2) (UK) 12,366.05
M HEWITT (X2) (UK) 12,218.07
N MCDONALD (IRE) 12,181.94
B Wallace (IRE) 11,716.62
L Taaffe (X2) (IRE) 11,406.41
L PLATTS (X2) (UK) 9,120.81
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (UK) 9,097.67
F MASON (X2) (UK) 9,026.80
D Miller (X2) (UK) 9,019.35
S Thomas (X2) (UK) 9,006.42
D Rooney Benhenida (D1) (IRE) 8,832.07
L BENNETT (UK) 8,795.43
S Masling (X2) (UK) 8,551.23
J TOPPLE (X2) (UK) 8,491.67
E Kyffin (X2) (UK) 8,312.04
M Somerville (X2) (UK) 8,067.14
S DIVITO (UK) 7,824.09
J COTTON (UK) 7,790.08
L Trowell (X2) (UK) 7,780.38
S RUSHTON (UK) 7,652.10
S WALTON (UK) 7,522.19

we now moving into boom time
the new k lite catalogue is out and
christmas starts now with kleeneze watch the figures explode