Sunday, 31 July 2016

Emma Opacic kleeneze story

My Name is Emma Opacic I started with Kleeneze 5 weeks ago , I work as Senior Nurse Practitioner in a go surgery 4 days a week doing 30hr , I have two boys age 5 & 7 years old so wanted to do Kleeneze to earn some extra money for holidays and Christmas which didn't take me away from my boys. Since starting Kleeneze my boys have been out helping me pick up any stragglers too. I've had a great first period!

I was one of the doubters when I contacted Tracey Payne wasn't sure if it would work or be something I could do , how wrong was I . Tracey always tells the story that I had blocked her shop information coming through to me when we first set my account up, and proves that the warm market does work.
great start to kleeneze