Saturday, 20 September 2014

jai sharma kleeneze story

I previously worked as a supervisor for 9yrs wanting to move up to a managerial role. Unfortunately I
had to leave my job later in 2010 as I had moved out of the UK after getting married. My life took a very
big turn in all directions as I had found out I was pregnant in early 2011. After 7mths of living in Africa I
soon realised I could not bring up a baby there so had travelled back to the UK where I could have my
baby. My husband works abroad and so I was in such desperation to buy essential baby items and had to
live off child benefit for 2yrs. I could not carry on with that situa tion I had to find a solution to improve
my financial situation.
When my daughter had turned 2 I had to dip into my savings to pay for her nursery which was very
expensive but I wanted her to interact with other children and be able to give her what she needed. Sacrificing my luxuries so
that I can better my daughter`s life is what motivates me to do better for her. Immediately after putting my daughter into
nursery I looked for part time jobs where I could receive a little income and be out of the house.
For many months I went to the job centre, looked in newspapers and also the internet for any suitable job vacancies which
matched my experiences. I could not believe how difficult it was for me to find anything. The other alternative in which I tried
was voluntary work but my ex-managers were not prepared to give me one. The third alternative was to go on a course but that
was time consuming and I wasn`t getting any results sooner. At this stage I started getting down and depressed I couldn`t find a
way out until I looked in the Leicester Mercury, not banking on finding anything but noticed a small add saying if anyone wou ld
like to earn £50-£250 A WEEK.
I was at my lowest but I took a chance to enquire and that’s when Tracey and I had arranged to meet up for a chat. After an in -
depth conversation I didn`t hesitate to join up straight away. The flexible hours of working around family were just what I was
looking for.
In April 2014 I joined Kleeneze which has given me my independence back, a chance to meet lots of individuals and couples from
all walks of life and also boosted my confidence. Working hard was never my problem as I strongly believe it pays off. In Period 7
week 2 I had reached my 10%. A week later I had done my 13% and even a certificate for Distributorship of the month.
My 1st cheque from Kleeneze was a whopping £300.44.
to see cheque click here

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