Friday, 27 April 2012

Richard and Karen Wheatley - Kleeneze Gold Distributors april 2012

Richard and Karen Wheatley - Kleeneze Gold Distributors
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Karen and I started our Kleeneze business in February 2008. For the first three months we did all our retail on foot as neither of us could drive. We copied the system, received help from our uplines and part of that teaching was to set ourselves goals. Our first goal was obviously to get mobile and I passed my test later in 2008 and our income was able to help us buy a car.

Our next major goal was to get married. In May 2009 we flew out to Barbados and were married on the beach. A couple of months before, Karen had also passed her driving test which was a big boost to our business.

We continued to work at our business, but like many people we seemed to mark time. Then in September 2011 we went to the Birmingham conference and heard about Miami 2012.

The thought of Miami gave us the push we needed and since then have never stopped. We have retailed very hard and have also stepped up our team building. Our hard work has paid off as we hit Gold Distributor in April 2012.

We are determined to get to Miami and the bonus for us is that Karen's health has improved majorly over the last few months. We put that down to lots of exercise, fresh air and hard work, which in turn has helped her to work tirelessly until I can "sack the boss". In our case that's me as I'm a self-employed builder!

We have come to love the team building side of the business too which to be honest we didn't think we would enjoy. We get great satisfaction from helping others to move through the reward levels and we have made some great friends along the way.

Kleeneze has really changed our lives, and all for the better! We can really encourage people to set goals for themselves and their business, as for us it has really enabled us to move forward.