Monday, 16 April 2012

Jon Wendt and Barry Rathbone kleeneze story

Jon Wendt and Barry Rathbone kleeneze story
to see there kleeneze cheque click here

We joined Kleeneze August 18th 2011 & were looking for something to help us on the road to financial independence that would fit around our personal situation (Barry has a spinal disability that cut his 20yr+ career in nursing and Jon gave up his place at university to become Barry’s carer although still intended to return to study in due course).

Money was tight the day we signed up with Peter and Myrna Wellock (we only had £82 in the bank) but it was enough to go with Business Builder 50 as we could see the importance of hitting the ground running with a good supply of catalogues from day 1, and they encouraged us in every way to start with, which we took grateful notice of and have made every attempt to do the same and more with each of the people we have sponsored subsequently.

We achieved 13% in our first full period, rising to 18% by the end of period 11 in 2011, with a cheque for just over £900 the highlight of our time to that point! Not bad for 10hours a week!

In the New Year we planned to go Gold by April. We stumbled to Period 4 without setting the world on fire so re-grouped &, focussing heavily on retail & sponsoring in the same way (and this is the key) that others advise us all to do (Rob Forster, Abi Colclough, Jackie White amongst many truly supportive people in the company), and also supported our growing team ‘Dare to Dream’ members to do the same.

* 10,000 catalogue volume dropped on 24 or 48 hour turn round in the period

* In person contact with ALL the team at least twice every week to encourage & support

* Gave out free samples & demonstrated products producing extra revenue

* Stayed focussed, kept both eyes on the prize, and thought ‘out of the box’

* Took time every day for personal development despite a heavy daily schedule

Did we make Gold? No. Do we mind? Absolutely not! Our future is assured and our cheque at the end of period 4 (below) is only the beginning……..