Saturday, 14 January 2012

Barry Rathbone kleeneze tip on facebook

Good to see you at NIA last Saturday, as ever an awesome day. Further to the Facebook groups info you provided, I am giving training on this at the No1 Premier Group meetings at Lymm for Peter and Mryna Wellock each period. One of the main points I have been getting across is that with social sites like Facebook is that there is no requirement for the user to have just one account. The site rules state that there can only be one facebook profile per email address, so the answer round that one is simple. There are at least 47 free email providers that I have found and this gives a potential 47 facebook profiles, 46 of which can be linked to the users primary email address (hotmail, gmail, lyco, yahoo etc) so that there is only a need to regularly view and check 1 email and 1 facebook profile. For example, I have a principle facebook profile, then I have a separate one for my councillor work on the city council, a principle one for my work in Kleeneze as a distributor with Jon, then I have 42 other minor profiles that I never actually open but from which I receive leads from groups that I have joined them to. All then have updates and messages sent to their individual email address, and each of these forward messages on to my primary email address (this one) and Jon has a similar set within his profiles.

As each profile has a slightly different identity (although all genuinely my interests and lifestyle in one form or another) then the Groups App on each one will identify those groups that show an interest potentially for the 'profile' and suggest joining, which increases the scope for advertising and prospect searches. Plus of course, if you do inadvertently break the facebook group rules and have your profile closed, you always have the other 40+ to fall back on!

Hope this is of use

i would say its better to use a second account just in case you do something wrong by mistake and lose your facebook account