Thursday, 22 September 2011

Peter L Robinson kleeneze story

Peter L Robinson kleeneze story

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I am in Team eureka and have been in Kleeneze for three periods, so am still finding my feet but have got to say am really pleased with the results so far.

Having been made redundant in twice in the last three years, applied for over 290 jobs, with 90 interviews, to say that my family is brasic is an understatement. This means that every penny counts. I have tried one or two other opportunities and these have not worked as well as Kleeneze.

So far I have had two cheques for just short of £300. I have had a good reaction from my customers and think I can build a serious business to send my kids to University and buy us a home in Ireland.

Given the difficulties my family has had over the last few years; I need to think carefully before spending money, but am determined to do what I can to reach my goals. As Richard McCann said I Can, are the two most important words in the English Language.


Peter L Robinson

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