Thursday, 26 May 2011

Keith and Shem Webster kleeneze story

I was looking to supplement our Income as my husband had an accident in December 2010 and was off work. I work part time in Sainsbury's and I have also been self employed as an Avon representative for the last 18 years. My husband works full time as a customer advisor in the Civil Service.

I was delivering an Avon order to my customers Debbie and Mark Walsh. In conversation, I

asked them what there occupations are and that’s how I was introduced to Kleeneze in March 2011.

In three weeks out of four I picked up a total of £1678.63 in orders. I was unable to distribute for a full week as I had an operation and was advised to rest. We qualified for 100 free catalogues and also achieved two bonus levels which Kleeneze pay every four weeks, all this in three weeks!

I managed to easily fit in Kleeneze around my other two jobs as it is so flexible, you can work the hours you want, when you want. I achieved this in my first four weeks without the help of my husband as he is unable to assist whilst off work.

Keith and Shem Webster kleeneze story
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I found it quite staggering the amount of Kleeneze orders that I picked up compared to the orders from my regular Avon customers, which on average is £266 per week!!

Our Part Time Income for the first four weeks from Kleeneze was £467.89, MARVELLOUS.

A Big thank you to Debbie and Mark Walsh for introducing us to this opportunity and also for their ongoing help and support.
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