Monday, 30 May 2011

great plan to be a mlm millionaire

I refused to rest until I was a millionaire and wanted to hold the key to my own wealth. In 3 years each of you who are fanatics can generate $25,000+ per month for yourself! I never looked up until I had 10 front line leader protected with a front line leader under them. I pressed on. It worked.

Here is what I did: I recruited. When I got a recruit, I pushed those new people toward self-sufficiency. I trained them at a Duplicatable Training at my home once a month for 15 years, never missing a month. And I wrote an exciting monthly newsletter. Today you can train people via the internet. Then I would teach the new recruit about the benefits of the products and benefits of recruiting. Then, I cut the cord and looked for more recruits. Many of my recruits wanted or expected me to hold their hands for quite awhile and they resented that I would cut them loose. Besides, my belief and feelings were then and still remain so today, how hard can it be to tell others about your enthusiasm for your product and services? I was fired up and telling everyone! If my new recruits couldn't do that then I couldn't help them. I could just encourage them and look for more people, and I did. SWSWSWnext, SW worked for me. Big time, on a daily basis, day in day out. Still does work. When I signed people up and got them happily involved working with me, I insisted that they send information to their friends and families, in 2 years I had distributors in almost every state in the USA. I was a fanatic about the possibilities as soon as I understood the mathematics of Network Marketing. I said goodbye to all my old friends, stepped into the new me and took off running. I wanted the lifestyle and was willing to work my heart out to get it. And did I get it? You had better believe it!

Everywhere I went I told the story about my product and how great it is and how much fun and money people would make getting happily involved. I showed the business opportunity first. Then, if they weren't interested in building a downline, I'd sell them product and get them to book a home party in their home to help me spread the word. Working this way, anyone should be able to make at least $400-$1,000 a month. It won't take long. And then I discovered the tax benefits, the benefits of personal growth and development and empowering became a game, and a game I had to win. I went searching all over the world to find people on this earth who were better than me and I became their student. I went to work on changing me. I outlined 300 books and listened to thousands of hours of tapes. I learned the words to say and how to say them. I paid attention to those making the money and living the lifestyle I wanted and turned a deaf ear to everyone else. Lead me follow me or get out of my way became my mantra and philosophy. I also paid no attention to the stupid critics. I let criticism motivate me. And, I began to dream what if? What if I became a millionaire, how would that feel, what would my life be like, and I went for it. I decided to play full out!

I was the Queen of hype during my early years. I never said anything that wasn't true, I was having fantastic success as a sales rep. But I learned that presentation and duplicatable training was not the only thing I was doing right. It was persistent, hard work, going out and spreading the word, the story one more time. Every day in every way. Two friends a day brings freedom my way!

If you contact 30 potential people a day, 5 days a week, that's about 600 people per month. Here is the truth, 570 of those people will turn you down or will give you an excuse of why they don't want to get rich. But guess what? About 5 % or 30 people per month, will join you. Of those 30 many will drop out, on the average only ONE will become a successful, full-time, excited sales rep and distributor. However, I found that if I contacted another 600 people the next month, another leader appeared and on and on. In one year, my goal is to find 12 leaders who are frontline to me. And I did just that. At one point of my career, I got up to 40 front line people and that was too much. Today I have 20 front line distributors, the rest of my enormous organization which has moved over $100 million in products are under them.

So, the question is, can you contact 30 people a day? The sacred secret of Network Marketing, even in the age of the internet is that success is in the numbers. It's a rule of sales. If you teach your successline sales reps nothing else, teach them that working the numbers is the only strategy virtually guaranteed to make you rich. Network Marketing will bring you tons of friends, but if you are only in it for the mission, you will be run over by those who have found the great potential in Network Marketing to attain financial independence. Go for it all, come to the table of plenty, there is lots of room!

Success in Network Marketing is simply a matter of choice. You can think small, have a small organization, or think big and have a big, thriving, alive, exciting organization going for greatness. The choice is yours. I did it, so can you. If not you, then who? Why not you and why not now?

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