Sunday, 30 January 2011

how to send autoresonder messages

i,ve written a book how to use your autoresonders to lik to twiter, facebook, you tube and your blogs
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the name of the book is follow up your way to fortune

An auto respond message is usually done with an Auto-responder which have been around for years and are still effective today.

When you first counter and auto-responder there is a lot to learn about them, I can remember when I first encountered this about ten years ago and it was daunting to me but not now.

The first thing you need to do when you open an account with a reputable email responder, and there a few of them around, the main one being getresponse is to learn how to use it.

you can try it for free to click HERE

There are plenty of tutorials and video's on how to use an auto-responder the right way on the site,
however if you get stuck after you have set up your free account click here
and use there customer service, when i first started i would write down click by click
what to do and found them very help full

It's a good idea to get your email series written first if you find this difficult you can always pay for someone to do this task for you at rent a coder.

In my auto-responder I have done five emails one after the other and whoever joins my list will get these emails one day at a time.

Then I have a series of broadcasts that I send out to my list on a regular weekly basis.

The main thing to remember when setting up your email series is to make your emails sound just like you was talking to someone on a personal basis.

Never send too many offers to your mailing list this will put up a red flag and they will be put off by your offers all the time.

Instead try and giveaway things like free ebooks to your list and helpful content the more you do this the more you will get the trust of your list.

i,ve now had people come back after 8 years of reading e mails