Thursday, 20 January 2011

The bamboo Tree story. wow

Have you ever seen a Bamboo Tree? It soars over a hundred feet straight

up. What's even more awesome about a Bamboo Tree, though, is how one grows.

First, you have to get a Bamboo stock, about 18 inches long. Dig a hole 3feet

deep, and bury the stock completely in the ground. For the next 5years, that

stock must be watered every single day, 365 days a year. If one day is missed

the tree will never appear. But, if meticulous care is taken for that 5

years, it is said that on that 1,825th day, the ground will break open and

the tree will appear out of the ground.

What happens next is the phenomenon of the Bamboo Tree. The tree will soar to

over 90 feet in a matter of 6 weeks! It grows at a rate of three feet every

24 hours. You could practically sit back and watch it grow. Some people say

it takes 6 weeks for a Bamboo Tree to grow, while others say it takes 5 years

and 6 weeks to grow. I guess it depends on if you were the one watering it

for 5 years.

Imagine if you were to plant a Bamboo Tree in your back yard, and went out

every day to water it, rain or shine. Suppose one of your neighbors see you

doing this for several days and asks, "What are you watering the same spot of

ground every day for?". You reply, "I'm growing a Bamboo Tree. You water it

every day for 5 years, then it grows to 90 feet in 6 weeks. You ought to try

it." He ponders the idea, then replies, "No, I think I'll wait and see if

yours works."

The next year, that same neighbor sees that your still watering the spot of

ground. He asks, "Why are you still watering that spot and nothing happens?"

You tell the man, "It takes time to grow a Bamboo Tree, but once it comes out

of the ground, it is the most awesome sight to see. You ought to grow one

too!" The neighbor just laughs and replies, "No, I'll just wait to see how

yours turns out."

The third year, the neighbor isn't talking to you any more, doesn't want

anything to do with you. The whole neighborhood has heard about the crazy

lady on the block that keeps watering this same spot in her yard, hoping to

grow a Bamboo Tree. The fourth year, they're sizing you up for a straight

jacket, and none of the children are allowed to play near your home. But in

that fifth year, the ground breaks open, and that stock that you had planted

catches it's first rays of sunshine, and away it goes!

Six weeks later the neighbors are admiring this awesome sight that you now

have, wishing they had a Bamboo Tree. But they would have to wait 5 years for

theirs to grow! Boy, do they wish they would have listened to you 5 years ago.

You have planted your stock in a your Network Marketing Company. It is much

like a Bamboo Tree. It takes watering every day. You don't see anything

happen for some time, but you keep watering it. Many people will ask you,

"How's your business going? Have you made your fortune yet? I'll wait to see

how you do." Then one day, your organization will open up, catch it's first

rays of sunshine, and away it goes! You could practically sit back and watch

it grow, faster and faster, higher and higher. While you're sitting on the

top of your Bamboo Tree enjoying the view, others will be thinking, "I wish I

had listened, and planted my stock."

For a very small number of people that are super consultants, this could be

within a few months. For the rest of us, we will work diligently for maybe 5

years (hopefully less) growing our Bamboo Tree. We will make mistakes, poor decisions, use poor judgment, even be discouraged at times and think about

quitting, but, if we keep doing it, be diligent in our watering, it will

work! Keep it simple. It's a simple opportunity!