Wednesday, 11 August 2010

what a customer is worth to you

do you know if you look after a customer right , it be could be for life, just think a order every 4 weeks of £20 or more,

do you know some customers have been buying off us for 18 years?
12 x £20 =£240   x 18 years £4320

have a few hundred customers wow , get the calculator out
all business need fuel, if you have a tax , you need petrol

the cost of a few pounds to find them , pays off big time

a great offer to blanket drop new areas

you can still order with no handling charge xmas catalogues

Use code 03727 for a pack of 200 û only £36/€52.

want some catalogue to blanket drop with

UK Summer Special (pack of 50)

Order code: 01929

Current Price: £5.00

Offer Price: £2.50

ROI Summer Sale Version 2 (pack of 50)

Order code: 01910

Current Price: €7.50

Offer Price: €3.75

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