Friday, 20 August 2010


WHILE many of us endure long hours at the office to try to afford life's little luxuries, the harsh reality is that we've already spent a third of our pay just getting to work in the first place.

On average we fork out 30 per cent of our disposable income – £5,796 a year – on childcare, commuting, lunches and clothing, according to research.

Based on an average individual net income of £18,897, this means almost a third of our salary disappears before we even get a chance to enjoy it.

Childcare is the largest commitment, costing an average of £3,816 a year, followed by commuting (£875), lunches (£780) and clothes (£325).

The escalating costs of getting to work, social pursuits and domestic bills has led to a boom in workers taking on part-time jobs to help make ends meet.

Over the past 30 years in Britain those working part-time from home has more than doubled to 680,000.

Catalogue firm Kleeneze, which carried out the latest research, has seen a 190 per cent jump in job inquiries this year.

And the Direct Selling Association, which represents door-todoor salesmen across the UK, saw a 17 per cent rise in recruitment last year.

Jamie Stewart, managing director of Kleeneze and a member of the DSA, said: 'We've seen an upturn in applications from those looking to work with us part-time in order to supplement the income from their full-time job.'

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