Monday, 19 January 2009

work from home

here are more exciting storys about the kleeneze opportunity
MIKE & NEGIN BACKHOUSE - Ex-Pharmaceuticals Manager & Full Time Mother. Winners of PPG Best Newcomer Award and PPG Top Sponsorer Award.
“Before joining this company in June 2003, I had been working as a senior manager with a major pharmaceutical research company when I was made redundant and my employment was brought to an abrupt end. As if by fate, I stumbled upon The Pole Position Group and after attending a Conference I felt so excited by the potential that I immediately stopped looking for another job and together with my wife focussed my effort on building a successful business. It has given us both a fresh start in life and we have made many new and dear friends over the last year. This business can give you anything that you want. It is so exciting to think that there is no limit to what we can achieve and it is so rewarding to be in a position to help other people achieve their dreams along the way. Our biggest cheque so far has been in excess of £2,000.”
KIM ATHERTON – Commercial Solicitor
“I joined the Pole Position Group in April 2002, while working full time as a commercial solicitor, doing two part-time college courses, and having sole responsibility for looking after my 6-year old daughter. Although initially very sceptical, I very quickly discovered the benefits of being a distributor, and started to build my own team. In my first 4 weeks, I earned £325. My part-time income cheque increased to over £1,500 for a 4-week period just 19 months later. I have now been able to reduce my hours at work, and have more time with my daughter while still maintaining my income. I expect to be earning more from my part-time business than I do as a solicitor within the next year! I have made many new friends and enjoy a lot of fun in the business while receiving top training and support from experienced business builders at all levels.”
LEON LAWRENCE – Digital Printing
“On being exposed to the massive potential of network marketing, shortly after leaving school, I decided that this was my route to financial freedom, wealth and security, having being awakened from the illusion of ‘getting a good, secure job for life!!!’ I’d seen close family members made redundant after years of service in their industries and didn’t want to get into that rut. A couple of networks and a redundancy later I discovered the Pole Position Group. Building my business on a part-time basis around commuting to a full time job in the city, I was able to not only recoup my initial investment with profit in my first 4 weeks but I am now earning more than £1000 additional income per month and rising”. With tremendous support from my group I am building a team with plans to give up the day job when my part-time income exceeds my pay. There is no limit to what can be achieved with this business!”
STEVE & DEBBIE ROPER - Ex-Hairdresser and Ex-Industrial Sales. Winners of a Mini Cooper and PPG Top Sponsorer Award
“Experience from 15 years ago left us very sceptical about MLM, but on thorough examination it became clear that the Pole Position Group was in a class by itself for support, commitment and ethics. Now, after just 5 ½ years of working our business part time alongside a full time job we are turning over £100,000 and earning £6,500 four weekly. This income has recently enabled us to “sack the boss” and quit the rat-race forever! We have enjoyed all-expenses paid conferences to Monte Carlo (twice), Cairns Australia, Sun City South Africa and in the past year alone we have been awarded a Mini Cooper and trips to Sydney Australia and Athens. Seven of our team have also enjoyed the luxury of an overseas conference. We continue to build our business by helping our team to achieve their dreams. Our future has never looked brighter!”
JAN & JIM WILLIAMS – Ex-Bank Employee & Ex-Dock Worker
“Jim and I first saw this opportunity in Feb 2003. Jim had just retired due to ill-health and I was working part-time in a bank. We needed an extra income to help our twin daughters through university. I had been involved in direct selling for 5 years and I got involved with the Pole Position Group totally unaware of the fantastic potential of networking. After just 8 months I decided to ‘sack the boss’ to concentrate all our efforts on this amazing business. Our best cheque so far has been in excess of £1800, which was double my bank monthly salary and was earned on a part-time basis. After working over 40 years in conventional jobs, we both love the freedom this business gives us to spend our time as we wish. We have many goals but have always dreamed of owning a property abroad. With future plans to expand the business into Europe we aim to work hard to build a strong team in order to realise our dream.”
ANDY STEPHENSON & CLAIRE BRANCH - Founders of the Pole Position Group. Ex-Corporate Stockbroker and ex-Secretary. Winners of a Mini Cooper.
“Claire and I became disillusioned with the stresses and strains of working for a boss in a high-pressured environment. We got started in this business so that we could pay our mortgage after I decided to quit the rat race. We were delighted when we recovered our small initial investment at the end of our first week! We now work with a fantastic group of people and our lifestyle has changed beyond belief, just by showing other people how they can make money too! This is a business that rewards effort and we have been treated to nine all-expenses paid luxurious overseas trips with various members of our team. Our group’s achievements have been recognised by winning the coveted Executive Distributor Challenge Cup and the Top Qualifier award – the only time in history that these awards have been won by the same team in the same year. We are living proof that anyone can succeed in this business.”
we are urgently looking for key people to work from home, in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany, with the negative news of people losing there job in all countires , it make sense to look for a opportunity that work. just in the newspaper today 19th january 2009, barclays are getting rid of 4,000 job.
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