Saturday, 17 January 2009

Anthony Mervin kleeneze story

I joined the Kleeneze business to supplement my income. I found the retail side of the business very simple, put the catalogues out and collect the catalogues in! Using common sense and excellent customer service the retail side of the business has really taken off. In my first 4 weeks in the business I processed orders of £660, I am now processing orders of over £6000 in a 4 week period! It is great to be able to confidently share with my team, all the tips and advice I have gathered that will ensure their Kleeneze business becomes as successful as mine and likewise they can show their team members the same.The decision to try the Kleeneze business was the best decision I have ever made, with no stock to hold, staff wages, or overheads such as rent and rates to cover. It has enabled me to give up my own traditional retail business and go full time with Kleeneze. With Kleeneze I don’t have to consider any of the conventional worries faced by a person running their own business, in fact, I only have the benefits, plus there is an added benefit of Kleeneze being a home based business. My Kleeneze work is very flexible, I am my still my own boss, plus I have a fantastic upline who help me every step of the way, I am in business for myself but not by myself.
here ia anthony kleeneze picture a cheque
kleeneze is a great work from home opportunity