Friday, 3 June 2016

kleeneze top psg period 6 week 4 2016

K Boardman (X1) (S1) (UK) 15,173.65
L Conlan (S2) (IRE) 14,193.82
T PAYNE (S2) (UK) 13,949.67
M HEWITT (X2) (S2) (UK) 11,220.81
M Somerville (X2) (S2) (UK) 10,645.39
S WALTON (UK) 9,812.74
J TOPPLE (X2) (S2) (UK) 9,347.06
S RUSHTON (S2) (UK) 9,333.50
L BENNETT (S2) (UK) 9,047.23
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,818.96
E LYNCH (S2) (IRE) 8,774.05
N MCDONALD (IRE) 8,532.30
C SMITH (S2) (UK) 8,432.65
L PLATTS (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,240.66
E Kyffin (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,182.42
K EDEES (X1) (S1) (UK) 8,109.70
S McGough (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,050.99
F MASON (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,010.47
J Synnott (S1) (IRE) 7,949.54
K Hall (UK) 7,884.36
S Thomas (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,846.37
C Skellern (S2) (UK) 7,823.14
N Cawood (S2) (UK) 7,815.12

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