Friday, 6 May 2016

kleeneze top psg period 5 week4 2016

T PAYNE (S2) (UK) 18,170.83
L Taaffe (IRE) 15,848.09
L Conlan (S1) (IRE) 15,432.76
C SMITH (S2) (UK) 12,762.18
K Boardman (X1) (S1) (UK) 12,500.39
J Synnott (S1) (IRE) 11,557.41
M HEWITT (X2) (S2) (UK) 11,470.00
E Kyffin (X2) (S2) (UK) 10,950.46
M Somerville (X2) (S2) (UK) 10,759.17
E LYNCH (S2) (IRE) 10,019.89
N Cawood (S2) (UK) 9,547.35
S Masling (S2) (UK) 9,264.21
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,768.44
C Skellern (UK) 8,716.89
S DIVITO (UK) 8,679.43
N MCDONALD (IRE) 8,418.96
S RUSHTON (UK) 8,330.33
J TOPPLE (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,324.18
S Thomas (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,259.84
S McGough (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,199.49
S HANLON (S1) (UK) 8,199.31
C REA (S2) (UK) 8,162.48
D Miller (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,013.52
K RIDER (X1) (S1) (UK) 8,008.34
L PLATTS (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,917.25
G WATSON (UK) 7,841.49
G Freidenfelde (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,710.09
K LEE (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,633.47
S WALTON (UK) 7,627.48
S NELL (UK) 7,524.39
L Trowell (S2) (UK) 7,524.22

welldone to everybody on the list
make sure you give your team a big welldone
great kleeneze period

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