Friday, 29 April 2016

kleeneze top psg period 5 week 3 2016

T PAYNE (S2) (UK) 12,637.53
L Conlan (S1) (IRE) 12,237.73
L Taaffe (IRE) 12,028.22
C SMITH (S2) (UK) 9,256.91
J Synnott (S1) (IRE) 9,224.60
K Boardman (X1) (S1) (UK) 8,943.88
M HEWITT (X2) (S2) (UK) 8,551.26
S Masling (S2) (UK) 7,361.07
D PEMBERTON-SMITH (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,263.05
E LYNCH (S2) (IRE) 7,250.93
N Cawood (S2) (UK) 7,191.24
M Somerville (X2) (S2) (UK) 7,130.50
E Kyffin (X2) (S2) (UK) 6,894.81
S DIVITO (UK) 6,872.27
C Skellern (UK) 6,302.33
K RIDER (X1) (S1) (UK) 6,176.24
K YOUNG (S2) (UK) 6,171.45
R JONES (UK) 6,062.67
S McGough (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,966.79
J TOPPLE (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,964.25
L PLATTS (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,944.65
C REA (S2) (UK) 5,913.20
S Thomas (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,901.87
D Miller (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,820.39
G WATSON (UK) 5,814.17
L Trowell (S2) (UK) 5,802.78
K LEE (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,593.18
N MCDONALD (IRE) 5,506.11
L BENNETT (UK) 5,449.52
S WALTON (UK) 5,343.40
F MASON (X2) (S2) (UK) 5,328.24
K Nash (S1) (IRE) 5,220.12
A WEBBER (UK) 5,219.89
S RUSHTON (UK) 5,179.71
A Ford (S1) (IRE) 5,120.05
J COTTON (S1) (UK) 5,073.43
S NELL (UK) 5,063.25
S HANLON (S1) (UK) 5,046.47

last week of period make sure your team know what bonus levels
they are near and catalogues are out over bank holiday weekend
to end this great kleeneze period