Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Richard Daniels new kleeneze testimonial

when I started looking for ways of making some extra money in my spare time when I came across
an advertisement in my local paper. At first I was sceptical of what was to offer but I was
desperate to make some extra money that would work around my full time career as a
Prison Officer and my three children so I took a chance and joint. I soon found that this
business really does truly work when I began accumulating customers and started earning
the extra money I had hoped for. But it didn’t stop there, I was invited to kleeneze
conference called ‘Going 4 Greatness’ where I had the privilege of meeting other Kleeneze
distributers and listening to their success Storys. Most notably for me thou was when I met
ex-Prison Officer Mike Bibby and his wife Amanda Bibby who currently make in excess of
£150,000 a year. I could closely relate to their story and it gave me an overwhelming
amount of inspiration and confidence as to what I can achieve in this business.
I have now been in Kleeneze for four months and have already began showing others this
great business and started to build a team of my own. This helped me achieve my first goal,
becoming a 10% distributer and earning my first pay check from Kleeneze! This is an exciting
achievement but what I find more exciting is what the future will hold for me being part of
this magnificent business. I thoroughly enjoy being a Kleeneze distributer and look forward
to watching it grow every day.

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