Friday, 19 July 2013

does relationship marketing work ?

got this post off trevor angel, however added my bit to the ps at end

Is Relationship Building in Network Marketing Deceit?
I've been studying how to enrol new people into your network marketing business by relationship building in the social media.

It seems to have become an art, you send a friendly message and build rapport with the person, asking questions about them and coming across as a nice person.

The goal is to make friends to the point where you have developed trust, then WHAM! You hit them with THE question, being, that whole conversation we've just had was just a ploy to seduce you into believing I'm a nice person in order for you to join my business.

The sad thing is, it seems to work, are people really that gullible, obviously.

Personally I find it disturbing and shameful.

The purpose is to build trust with the new person - TRUST, are you kidding me!

How can this kind of manipulation be anything more than deceitful and dishonest.

So, you have a 'friendly' conversation - a pretend one - knowing that if they decline your opportunity they're instantly 'dumped!

And, even if they fall for it and enrol they're still dumped as you move onto the next suspect.

NO, No, No!

Sorry, you need to be a real bad guy to develop and use skills of this nature.

They say that 'people buy from people!' - well of course they do - they don't buy from dogs or the goldfish swimming around in circles in the glass bowl.

Twice now I have been 'reprimanded' for asking a straight question - twice!

Yes, I've been told that I should have a nice friendly 'bullshit' chat with them first, then ask the question!

Sorry, that's total rubbish! IMHO!

Actually, not IMHO - it's just pure 100% total rubbish!

Of course you need to develop a relationship with people you're working with, but that builds over time, you build trust over time - not in a 3 minute conversation that you're not only having with an individual - but multiple conversations that you're having all at the same time - you know, you're supposed to have 5 or 6 chats going on all at once bouncing from one to the other waiting for one poor sod to take the bait!

No, sorry, it just doesn't sit right with me - I've tried it - it's false and quite frankly made me feel physically sick.

If I'm prospecting for people to invite to look at my business I believe you should just be upfront from the off.

A simple and straightforward HONEST question!

'Is the timing right for you to consider a business opportunity?'

The answer is either 'yes' or 'no' - simple.

If 'no' politely end the conversation.

If 'yes' you can then develop the conversation where both parties are aware of exactly what it's all about - no deceit - you can move forward 'honestly!'

When I get a 'friendly' message pop up on my facebook I simply ask the question 'what's the business?' - they don't like it because it detracts from their scripted flow! Sort of hang on, I need to waste your time and mine whilst I eventually get to the point!

Network marketing is a business - you enrol then teach and support and be there for those people - and over time you will make some great friends too!

You DO need a pitch - you DO need to know what you're going to say when asked what the business is about from your initial straight to the point question - work on developing that - and just accept that it IS a numbers game, it's not a mind game!

Just be honest - you'll feel better for it and ultimately people will respect you for it.

it so easy to get leads know ,let the cold market watch the video and if they are interested take it to the next step
then we have contact managers to keep in touch with people, things change in everybodys jobs and live , that cold lead over time
will become warm from your contact manager messages and they may even past you one of there warm market to join

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