Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gemma Marritt kleeneze testimonial

Gemma Marritt kleeneze testimonial

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I joined Kleeneze in Feb 2013. Having had a great start to my career working as a business counsellor and then offered a sales rep role with company car I found it all changed when I fell pregnant with my little boy Dominic.

I ended up having to turn down a career and focus on my son growing up whilst trying to juggle various part time roles. In the end I found myself claiming income support with little hope for future prospects.

I joined Kleeneze February 2013 and in less than two weeks I earned over £200. Now just three months later my latest cheque is over £600 and I can’t wait to see just how far this business can take me.

I have a glowing team and I just love both the retailing and the prospect of building a team and helping them achieve their goals. It’s flexible, works around my lifestyle and also allows me the opportunity to get off income support and build a lifestyle for both me and my son.

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